Vrishabha Nakshatra Porutham & Rasi Porutham

Rasi Porutham

Vrishabha Rasi Porutham

For marriage alliance, the Hindus practice 'star matching' or 'nakshatra porutham'. It is an essential pre-requisite for a marriage alliance where nakshatra and rasi porutham of both the boy and the girl who plan to get married is checked.

Marriage Matching\Rasi\Vrishabha

VrishabhaRasi & Nakshatra Porutham

They are loyal and attached to their loved ones, jobs, employers, project, friends and almost everyone and everything.
NakshatraMatched Female Nakshatra Matched Male Nakshatra
Vrishabha Rashi
Karthigai (Krittika)

Pada last three quarters of Krittika
Bride Matching Stars for Karthigai (Krittika) Bridegroom
Chittirai 1,2,Avittam 3,4,Hastham,Kettai
Bridegroom Matching Stars for Karthigai (Krittika) Bride
Vrishabha Rashi

Pada All
Bride Matching Stars for Rohini Bridegroom
Mrigaseersham 1,2,Uttaram,Anusham,Uttiratadhi
Bridegroom Matching Stars for Rohini Bride
Mrigaseersham 1,2,Uttaram 1,Punarpoosam 4,Pooratadhi,Barani
Vrishabha Rashi
Mrigaseersham (Mrigasira)

Pada first half of Mrigasira
Bride Matching Stars for Mrigaseersham (Mrigasira) Bridegroom
Punarpoosam 4,Revathi,Pooratadhi,Hastham
Bridegroom Matching Stars for Mrigaseersham (Mrigasira) Bride
Thiruvonam,Uttiradam 2,3,4,Uttaram 1,Sadhayam,Aswini
Vrish or Vrishabha Rashi is the 2nd Sign of the Hindu Zodiac. It is an Earth Sign, which shows the hard-working, rock-solid, stable and practical nature of Taurus or Vrishabha Rashi. Ruled by Venus, they, however, are also driven tremendously to materialistic pleasures.

Most of Taurus born are connoisseurs of good food and a good life. Paradoxically, though, they are fixed in their approach; they disregard change. They are loyal and attached to their loved ones, jobs, employers, project, friends and almost everyone and everything. Many believe them to be the most dependable Sign in the whole Hindu Zodiac, simply because they hate the idea of ‘change’. This attribute makes them quite headstrong.

Pink, cream, black and white really suit your temperament. Avoid wearing red as it affects you negatively, but you can opt for maroon. Sky blue and earthy colours like khaki, brown and beige also appeal to you.

Wear pink every Friday.

Lucky Day: Friday
Lucky Numbers: 6, 15, 24, 33, 42, 51
Lucky Colours: Pale blue, pale green, pink, and all pastel shades.
Lucky Gemstone(s): Blue Sapphire
Lucky Talisman: The Spade
Compatible Signs: Virgo, Capricorn, Cancer, Pisces