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Uthra Shaada Baby Boy Names Starting with

Bhe Bho Ja Ji

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Uthra Shaada Baby Girl Names Starting with

Bhe Bho Ja Ji

Baby Birth Star उत्तराषाढ़ा / உத்திராடம் / ఉత్తరాషాఢ

Uthra Shaada Nakshatra

Hindu Birth Star as per vedic astrology.

Star NameTamilMalayalam
Uthra Shaada

Uttarashada nakshatra Personality

The native born in this nakshatra are efficient in their behaviour. The native is also generous and faithful in religious matters. The natives of this nakshatra are soft and delicate by nature.They are full of religious faith. They have a special interest in religious works. The native of this nakshatra receives happiness and support from their children’s side. The native of this nakshatra marries a beautiful and supportive life partner. The native of this nakshatra has an attractive personality and takes extra care of their dressing style and clothes.

They are soft spoken and are generous towards other. They have an interest in tourism and loves travelling. They love travelling to places which have natural beauty. They love visiting jungles and hill stations. They visit religious places also.

The native lead a happy married life. They have many friends and they get full support and cooperation from them. They are always ready to help people who are involved in religious works. Apart from this they like doing charity also.

The Famous people,Film Stars in Uttarashada nakshatra

Surya Tamil Actor

Uthra Shaada Nakshatra Baby Boy Names Uthra Shaada Nakshatra Baby Girl Names