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Lee Lu Le Lo

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Lee Lu Le Lo

Baby Birth Star भरणी / பரணி / భరణి

Bharani Nakshatra

Hindu Birth Star as per vedic astrology, It is customary in Hinduism, to name their boy and girl babies as per their nakshatra. There are 12 rasi in astrology according to the astrological system in our country. Based on 27 nakshatras, these 12 rasi signs are divided into 12 constellations at the rate of 3 nakshatra per zodiac. Each rasi sign has unique characteristics and qualities. Likewise, each nakshatra has a few properties. According to the astrological system, each nakshatra has four paadhas. Each paadha has a Tamil letter assigned to it. Thus, the baby is named after the first letter of the name of the Bharani nakshatra's paadha.

Star NameTamilMalayalam

ഭരണി (നക്ഷത്രം)

Who is the Lord of Bharani Nakshatra?

Bharani (Devanagari: भरणी) is the second nakshatra in Hindu astronomy, corresponding to 35, 39, and 41 Arietis all together. In Jyotiṣa, Bharani is ruled by Shukra (the planet Venus).

Babies born under the Bharani nakshatra grow up to be friendly, affectionate and loyal. This makes them popular. They are said to attract and influence people around them with their charming personality, grace and caring nature. They love to explore and experiment.

Which stone is suitable for Bharani Nakshatra?

Diamond Astrological Benefits of wearing a Diamond Ring:
It is said and believed, that the persons who are born under the Bharani Nakshatra will be best benefitted with the positive results of wearing a diamond ring. Doing so, will bestow them good luck, happiness, prosperity and peace in life in the long run.

Diamond is a lucky stone for mesha rasi Bharani Nakshtra that helps the wearer to gain vitality and abundance. The diamond wearer is helped to tap the energies of planet Venus so that he can live his life completely. ... Diamond is the hardest metal known with unblemished luster and same is its astrological benefit.

Choosing a baby name may seem difficult. Here's some inspiration to help you choose the best baby boy and baby girl names by Bharani Nakshatra.

Bharani Nakshatra Baby Boy Names Bharani Nakshatra Baby Girl Names

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