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Pregnancy is a period of expectant waiting and one that all of us aspire to experience at least once in our lifetime. As we set foot on the path that transmutes one from a woman into a mother, several responsibilities and concerns become ours alone. Among these is our duty to the life that is yet to be and how we can give of ourselves, in body and spirit, to form and nurture the new life that we seek to bring into existence.

Giving life is powerful. It is vital, therefore, that we prepare our body to become a suitable environment for the baby to grow in while staying happy and healthy emotionally and mentally as well. Each week of pregnancy brings with it new changes and feelings that may require some explanations and support.

This section touches on those aspects you need to be aware of in the time before, during and after your pregnancy. Here, we will answer to commonly asked questions. You can talk to our experienced medical experts and get your doubts clarified. Some pages will have information, you already know and other pages might encourage you to think differently or about new things.

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