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Baby Sign Language.

Baby sign language is a way to teach infants how to communicate using hand gestures. Hand gestures are easier for a baby than controlling their vocal chords. Using sign language enables your baby to start communicating about six months earlier than if you were just relying on speech. Being able to sign accelerates your baby's progress to words as well. Studies show that signing babies develop larger speaking vocabularies than their non-signing counterparts.

As well as giving parents a way to start communicating with their baby earlier, baby sign language makes the baby's life easier too. Being able to tell you what is on her mind gives your baby a little more control over her life, reducing frustration and the resulting fussiness. Many signing babies seem to skip the terrible twos stage and sail smoothly into toddlerhood!

Baby Sign Language � Simple Steps

Here are the simple Baby Sign Language five steps,

Begin with 3-5 signs for things you do frequently. The most regular signs to start with are MILK, MORE, and EAT. If you know more signs, you can sign more. But, if you are learning along with your child, 3-5 signs are a manageable number to start with.

Make use of the signs each time you are in the right circumstances. For example, when you nurse or give your baby a bottle, say "Do you want some milk?" and sign MILK.

Child learns the signs and begins to sign back, start adding other signs like APPLE and BANANA. Continue to use the signs you already use as you add new ones.

It takes children time to learn to sign, but they can recognize the signs long before they can make them. For example, babies will often show their anticipation when you sign MILK by grunting or panting.

Think about taking a class to learn the keys to successful signing and how to sign while reading and singing. Or check out a book or web site for more information.

Sign Language - Video

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Baby Sign Language Basics

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